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You’re Young, You’re Healthy Tonik Health Plans are specially designed for single active adults. There are three plans custom tailored to suit your lifestyle. Consider this- a knee injury resulting in surgery & care could cost you $48,302. Without insurance, you pay the gross hospital bill (no discounts).

. The bottom line- you know you need insurance. Get your custom proposal instantly right here.

Annual Deductible:
This is the amount you’ll have to pay before Blue Cross starts paying. Of course, the deductible is waived in certain cases, such as doctor visits, ER .

Copay: This is what you pay when you see the doctor, go to the emergency room or get generic prescription drugs.

You save money when you go to doctors and hospitals in the Blue Cross PPO network. And don’t worry, Blue Cross network is huge.

Provider Finder is your online resource for finding doctors, hospitals and other health professionals that participate in your current plan or a different Blue Cross plan.

Remember : The Tonik plans do not include maternity benefits.

How to apply? : Tonik offers online application. It takes about 15 - 20 minutes to complete it and you will recieve instantly email with your status. Apply Now

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Anthem Blue Cross is the trade name of Blue Cross of California. Anthem Blue Cross and Anthem Blue Cross Life
and Health Insurance Company are independent licensees of the Blue Cross Association. ® ANTHEM is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. The Blue Cross name and symbol are registered marks of the Blue Cross Association.
You’re young. You’re healthy. You’re fit. You’re more adventurous and physically active then you will ever be. You’re between nineteen and twenty-nine years old, so you’ve pretty much got everything you’ll ever need. But unfortunately, life can be crazy unpredictable and freak accidents do happen. It could only take one slip skateboarding, one fall snow boarding, one spill down the bike trail, or one split second distraction on the road to find out that sometimes the financial pains resulting from dealing with an unexpected injury can be worse that the physical pain. If and when you find yourself hit by a minor or major accident, you are for sure going to wish you had the help that only reliable health care coverage can give you. tonik health insurance

Well, Anthem Blue Cross in California is now offering three of straight-up, practical and affordable health care plans specifically designed to cover A to Z’s of your health that can save you money. They’re collectively known as TONIK. If you happen to be between 19 to 29 years of age, plan rates can be as low as sixty to eighty dollars per month, depending on which TONIK plan best describe your lifestyle and overall health insurance requirements as well as where you live in CA, your age and your general medical history. Rates are subject to change, but TONIK can help protect your way of life from just about any mishap.

TONIK is a truly cutting edge health insurance offering. Not only do the plan details or its look make TONIK stand out. But just as important, TONIK’s application and applicant approval process sets it apart from just about every health plan currently available. We know you’re busy and don’t have the time to sit for hours filling out paper work in an office. So we make it easy for you to do on your own time. Generation y’ers are one hundred percent able to apply for their TONIK plan of choice on the web’s ultra accessible no- paper-needed environment.

Anthem Blue Cross’s TONIK consist of a trio of similar health plans dubbed for types of young adult users they’re targeted toward. The plans are TONIK: The Thrill Seeker, TONIK: The Part Time Daredevil and TONIK: The Calculated Risk Taker. With the Blue Cross TONIK' system, all that recent college grads and their peers will have to do is figure out which of those categories they fall into and then apply. It’s that simple. Thrill Seekers will probably want health covered in case of sports related injury, an accident or other unforeseen medical predicament and figure that they’ll only need to visit a doctor three or four times a year. On the other hand, Calculated Risk Takers will be willing to pay a bit more for lower deductibles, unlimited doctor’s visits as well as comprehensive accident coverage. Part Time Daredevils’ health care needs will tend to fall somewhere between the two. Tonik even offers discounts for those who lead healthy lifestyles.

Each of Anthem Blue Cross’s TONIK brand health plans includes both dental and vision care. Their deductibles do not have to be satisfied in order for participants to be reimbursed for emergency room services clocking in somewhere over the $100 co-payment amount. Unlike competing PPO or HMO managed care plans, the physician’s office visit co-payment schedule includes not only x-ray but associated laboratory services as well. All covered health benefits are paid-out at 100% after TONIK’s deductibles have been satisfied. And, all three TONIK plans have an impressive $5,000,000 maximum benefit ceiling.

Anthem Blue Cross surveyed hundreds of young adults to find out what it was that they didn't like about standard health insurance offerings that was keeping 1.6 million of them out of the marketplace in California alone. And get this, nationwide more than thirty percent of Americans between nineteen and twenty-nine are uninsured.

So this is what people like you said. Many of the polled 19 to 29 year olds told Blue Cross that they weren’t comfortable with the idea that when going in to a physician’s office for a routine visit they were typically had to pay not only the pre-set co-payment amount for their office visit but any extra costs for incurred due to necessary x-rays and or blood work. The TONIK plan takes care of these concerns by covering most lab-work, x-ray requirements and even certain specialized procedures under its office visit co-payment schedule. In addition, TONIK’s, practically unprecedented inclusion of both vision care and dental plan benefits, along with ample coverage for generic pharmacy-RX, doctor’s visits and hospital stays makes TONIK’s plans some of the most comprehensive out there. TONIK’s members really are covered from A to Z. And once a particular plan’s pre-set deductible level is met, all covered health benefits will be paid in full. See for yourself how much money you can save with TONIK. There are no co-insurance percentages that must be paid-out by plan members until a higher out of pocket maximum has been satisfied. For instance, if you’ve opted into the Calculated Risk Taker plan and find yourself saddled with a mind-numbing $150,000 hospital bill you’ll only be responsible for the first $1,500 of that amount. Tonik even offers discounts for those who lead healthy lifestyles.

TONIK: How the Plans Breakdown:
· The Thrill Seeker - waives the overall plan deductible for participant members first four doctor’s office visits per year – features a $20 per office visit Co-Payment, a on average $77 monthly premium and a $5,000 annual deductible schedule.
· The Part Time Daredevil - waives the overall plan deductible for member’s first four general practitioner visits per year – features a $30 per office visit Co-Payment amount, a on average $87 monthly premium and a $3,000 annual deductible.
· The Calculated Risk Taker - Offers its participant members basically unlimited physicians office visits each year, features a $40 Co-Payment amount, an on average $106 monthly premium and a $1,500 annual deductible.

TONIK’s Health Plans may be meant for the young and fun who like to party. But we all know, that when dealing with life’s curveballs, especially when in relates to our well being, we want something that is reliable. That’s why TONIK’s participants will be able to party hardier, just a little easier, knowing that their health care coverage isn’t in the hands of an insurance company that’s a start-up in any way, shape or form. TONIK is a Blue Cross Life & Health Insurance Co. product, backed by the impeccable reputation of Anthem Blue Cross, the state’s largest single health indemnity carrier.

Enrolling in one of TONIK’s plans is as easy as it is totally and one hundred percent additional fee free – we are a Blue Cross of CA Premier Partner Agency and therefore can offer our site’s guests all the benefits of personalized customer care that are our firm’s specialty. Why not take advantage of our services to help speed up your approval process by having someone to guide you through your application. Don’t get caught in the vacuum of automatic phone transfers, let us help you get the TONIK plan you’re looking for today.

If you any have questions regarding TONIK don’t hesitate to call us 818-654-4548 Looking forward to serving you.

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Blue Cross Tonik News

Blue Cross Breaks the Mold by Offering Uninsured ``Young Invincibles`` New Options; Simple, Online, All-Inclusive Health Coverage .


Wednesday, November 17, 2004 4:00 PM

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE via COLLEGIATE PRESSWIRE)--Nov 17, 2004--Blue Cross of California`s (Blue Cross) affiliate, BC Life & Health Insurance Company, has broken the mold of traditional health insurance offerings by marketing unique health plans tailored to the lifestyle and attitudes of ''young invincibles'' (young adults ages 19 to 29).

There are 6.5 million uninsured Californians. Young adults have the highest rate of being uninsured, consistently reported between 30 and 40 percent. ''Young invincibles'' tend to be people no longer covered by family insurance policies and just beginning to establish their independence. They are also starting their careers and less likely to be offered insurance by their employers. Nearly half of all full-time workers aged 19 to 29 lack employer-based health benefits.

Tonik health plans were designed by-and for-''young invincibles,'' as an effort to expand access to health care coverage for one of the fastest growing uninsured populations in the state and the country. Tonik plans are simple, easy to use and affordable. Tonik covers everyday preventive needs (like routine doctor visits) as well as the more serious medical necessities. Unlike other individual policies on the market, seeing a dentist, getting eye exams, glasses and contacts are all-inclusive within the new benefit design.

Curious ''young invincibles'' can visit and apply for Tonik online at Applicants are subject to review and approval for a plan within minutes. is intentionally easy to understand and navigate. There is minimal to no paperwork and if approved, an applicant can print out a custom-designed identification card.

''Young adults think of insurance like broccoli,'' said Steve Synott, general manager of Individual Services for Blue Cross of California. ''They know it`s good for them but they don`t have a taste for it yet.'' As a result, many go without it. There are currently an estimated 1.6 million uninsured 19 to 29-year-olds in California. The financial pain of a sports related injury or other unforeseen event can outweigh the physical. Consider the following: an ambulance ride to the hospital is $607; the average cost of a day in the hospital is $7,175; and knee surgery and care is estimated at $48,302. The costs of Tonik plans are painless. They range from $64 to $123 a month, depending upon the plan, the insured`s age and where they live.

There`s nothing out there quite like this...Tonik is an original!

In a unique approach to product development, Blue Cross engaged in a ''reverse point-of-view'' philosophy by examining the preferences and lifestyles of uninsured young adults. Blue Cross research indicated that they are interested in health insurance, if it met their needs and was offered at the right price. ''The more research we did to understand this group, the more we became convinced that the `young invincibles` were willing and ready to take responsibility for their own health care -- if they found a plan that fit their needs,'' said Deborah Lachman, senior vice president of Individual and Small Group Services for Blue Cross of California.

Tonik will initially be available only in California and debuts though a series of non-traditional marketing techniques.

Extreme skiing and Tonik unite

To demonstrate that this is not your typical health insurance program, Blue Cross is launching Tonik through a groundbreaking marketing campaign that will have a heavy emphasis on online promotion and advertising because this audience is a heavy utilizer of the Internet. Non-traditional high energy graphics and advertising themes have been designed to appeal to this group as well. In addition, the company is a sponsor for the upcoming statewide launch of the new Warren Miller film ''IMPACT,'' to premiere in key cities throughout California beginning this month.

Blue Cross of California and its California affiliates, serving more than 7.6 million medical members, is an operating subsidiary of WellPoint Health Networks Inc., the nation`s second largest publicly traded health care company. WellPoint serves the health care needs of 15.6 million medical members and 46.8 million specialty members nationally. WellPoint offers a broad spectrum of quality network-based health products including open access PPO, POS and hybrid products, HMO and specialty products. Specialty products include pharmacy benefit management, dental, utilization management, vision, mental health, life and disability insurance, long term care insurance, flexible spending accounts, COBRA administration, and Medicare supplements. Blue Cross of California can be found on the web at Blue Cross of California is an independent licensee of the Blue Cross Association.

Source: Blue Cross of California
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