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Blue Shield of California

Spectrum PPO Plan 5000


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Summary of Benefits Blue Shield Spectrum SM PPO Plan 5000
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Medical Benefits
Plan Type PPO  
Annual Deductible $5,000 per individual/$10,000 per familyε
Annual Copayment Maximum $7,000 per individual/ $14,000 per family
Out-of-Pocket Maximum with Preferred Providers (includes plan deductible) N/A
Preventive Care
Annual Physical Exam,
Well-Baby Care, Gynecological
$35 (Not subject to deductible)  
Laboratory, X-Ray, Major
Diagnostic Services
Professional Services
Physician Office Visits 100% until you reach deductible, then $35 copay  
Hospital Inpatient
Maternity Services
(Resulting in Delivery)
Outpatient Services (Non-Emergency)
Surgery 30%  
Treatment/Procedure 30%
Emergency Room Services
Emergency Room Visits 30%  
Ambulance 30%
Physician Visits/Consultations 30%
Prescription Benefits $10 generic (Not subject to deductible)/$35 formulary brand name, after a $500 brand name deductible per member/$50 or 50% (whichever is greater) for non-formulary brand name drugs, after $500 brand name deductible
Dental Services
Dental Services ( optional benefit )

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Blue Shield SpectrumSM PPO Plan 5000

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Coinsurance amounts represented with a "%" are payable after the plan deductibles are reached; Co-pay amounts represented with a "$" are not subject to plan deductibles (except where noted). Refer to contract for a detailed explanation of plan benefits, features, exclusions and limitations. Benefits subject to change without notice. Co-pays, Deductibles, and Coinsurance amounts listed above are your share of the costs for covered benefits.

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Additionally, information contained in this website is limited in scope, subject to change without notice, and does not contain all the terms, conditions, limitations, or exclusions of the referenced benefit plans. Only the insurance company Plan Documents and Policy's contain the exact terms and conditions of coverage. Your grant of access to the rate and benefit summaries contained herein may not be relied upon as a guarantee of your eligibility or coverage under these benefit plans.

Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company Life was formed in 1954 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Blue Shield of California to provide a full range of insurance products for their customers. With 3.3 million members and $7.5 billion in annual revenue, Blue Shield of California is the state's third largest health plan. Founded in 1939 and headquartered in San Francisco, Blue Shield is a not-for-profit corporation with approximately 4,300 employees and more than 20 offices throughout California.

Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company Life has grown by offering competitive insurance products including Group Term Life, Accidental Death & Dismemberment, Blue Shield of California Life & Health Insurance Company Life Vision Plan, Stop Loss and Exec-U-Med medical reimbursement plans in tandem with Blue Shield of California health plans or on a stand-alone basis . In the early 1980s, introduced their Short-Term Health products. The Option One and Option Twelve plans remain one of the leading products of their kind in California

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